new ideas, NEW SOLUTIONS



We believe it begins with a relationship between Client and Architect.  Each party must possess trust, faith, belief and the promise of performance in the other.

This relationship is what is necessary to engage on a journey of discovery, design, development and construction to achieve a goal within the built form.  This goal must serve the Client's needs, represent the vision of the combined team members, and achieve the Architect's goals in responding to the Client.

We start with a problem or need, and along the way a spot of earth appears for us to work with....sometimes this spot is selected, sometimes assigned and in some cases prescribed for a multitude of reasons.

The site shown has been selected as the location for a unique design solution in response to a pressing Client need.  This site was assigned based on municipal parameters which adds to the design challenge for a successful result.

We will endeavour to keep the site posted on the process through this project.  Our goal is always to achieve the best solution possible, our process is always fun, our efforts never cease...

The journey is facilitated by the process, the solution is the result of a successful journey.

Process Illustrations